Innovative Physics Limited have a long history in the use of pattern recognition and AI approaches. Our patented (2005) MPR (meta pattern recognition) approach, uses the precepts of pattern recognition applied recursively to the pattern recognition problem to produce optimal solutions. More recently (2013), we combined our MPR system with emergent deep learning approaches to produce a cloud based AI platform for processing real-time data.


Ensuring the analytical engine has the most up to date data on which to operate


Deployed systems are operating in real-time


flexible, the solutions are derived from the most comprehensive set of data


Applies pattern recognition and AI approaches recursively

Intelligent solutions to complex problems across multiple markets

Our ability to provide solutions in our target markets is underpinned by a patent and Intellectual capital pool spanning pattern recognition, Artificial Intelligence and novel deployment techniques. In addition, the company evolves its current technologies to provide practical, novel solutions. Experienced in offering flexible solutions in a number of ways to the company’s customers and collaborators, Innovative Physics Limited has built up a substantial number of partnerships across the globe with representatives in Asia, USA and Europe.

Innovative Physics Limited world class AI platform is:

  • Cloud based
  • Real-time
  • Real-world data
  • Pattern recognition
  • Deep learning

With Applications globally in sectors including:

  • Energy
  • Civil Nuclear
  • Oil and Gas
  • Security
  • Homeland security(CBRNE)
  • CCTV
  • Automotive
  • Medical and Dental Imaging
  • Industrial Inspection


Our aim is to evolve our current technologies to provide a real-time Artificial Intelligence platform which is the best in class for providing optimised decision information to guide and allow decisions in the real-time business world.


Innovative Physics Limited has pioneered the adoption of an adaptive platform for the assimilation of real world data into decision information.
We have developed and deployed a cloud based Artificial Intelligence platform, that allows the transformation of data into information to allow decision makers to make informed and accurate decisions.


Our highly qualified research and development team, combine technological and scientific experience with the imagination to create innovative, unique solutions to existing and new industry challenges.


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