Innovative Physics Limited has pioneered an approach to medical imaging for CRO’s which can drastically reduce overhead and save time in the processing of clinical trials.

Using our novel pattern recognition and AI approaches our solutions can process thousands of CT images and identify, size, categorise and annotate directly into existing CRO software.

Utilising our in house API and working with developers we are able to seamlessly integrate our deep learning and AI platform into existing or new solutions to enhance capability and reduce testing and analytical times.

The system, which uses IPL’s proprietary meta-pattern recognition algorithms, is applicable to a variety of diagnostic modalities, CT/MRI/ultrasound/PET/SPECT and will reduce the analysis of data from days to minutes.

Additionally, the system will incorporate indicators from non-image sources, e.g. blood tests, histology and temporal information to facilitate disease progression monitoring and evaluation.

Through the use of these innovations, clinicians will save time and money and patients can receive a faster diagnosis and therefore be treated more rapidly and with a greater degree of accuracy. IPL aims to continue its leading-edge research and development and become a highly sought-after AI business, using its capabilities in sensor technology, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition to provide solutions to complex science and engineering problems on a consultative or OEM basis.


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